Other Methods of Divination that I am interested in:

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling cards

A good friend, who is Rom, uses cards similar to these and has done readings for me using them.  It is a fascinating system and I am very interested in learning more.

This incorporates a system of 25 square cards with four images that may or may not match up together.  This edition of the cards was published by HarperOne in 1992.
Norse Rune cards - Power of the Runes
I have another friend who uses rune cards and I have been interested in this for some time.  I know Heathens and would love to learn more about this divination method.  The cards seem to me to be a good introduction to the runes themselves.

This is also a 25-card deck featuring Norse runes along with a scene of Norse life.  It was published in 1998 by U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Celtic Ogham Sticks (from corresponding woods)

I have the book pictured, but no sticks as yet.  I love trees and wood and this feels good to me as a divination method.  One day I hope to own my own set of sticks.  Then, once I before more familiar with them and comfortable, I may offer readings with them here on the site.

There are 20 trees/letters to the original ancient Celtic alphabet known as the Ogham (or Ogam).  (5 more "letters" were added later, but don't really have trees associated with them - i.e. grove, ocean, etc.)  These are trees native to Britain and they are:  Beth, (birch), Luis (rowan), Fearn (alder), Saille (willow), Nion (ash), Húath (hawthorn), Duir (oak), Tinne (holly), Coll (hazel), Quert (apple), Muin (vine), Gort (ivy), nGétal (broom), Straif (blackthorn), Ruis (elder), Ailm (pine or fir), Onn (gorse), Ur (heather), Eadha (aspen), and Idho (yew).

The Crystal Ball

Christine gave me a crystal ball several years ago.  I have used with accurate results, but haven't learned how to use it reliably yet.  The usage I have had with it has been when it called me. :)

The Pendulum

I recently obtained a very nice pendulum that looks similar to the ones pictured, but is (I believe) a Moss Agate.  I have played with it a little and it is accurate for me, but I'd like to learn more about it and become more comfortable with it before using it for others.

The I-Ching

An ancient divination method used by the Chinese beginning in the mid-4th century BCE, this is a new method to me and one I am facinated by.  I will be studying this method more in the upcoming months.

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